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And like Caminos the gloria the music (on IZZA) falls into a loose free-bop style, with the lack of piano or guitar giving the band a nice ‘open’ sound. They’ve been together for four years and have clearly developed a strong rapport with Robert’s nine originals giving them plenty of space to take chances and spread their wings. Pete Butchers, IZZA @, 2022

(…) Life must be lived, and Robert’s "LIFE" must be heard (…) LIFE @ Concerto, 2013

Jukič was the one to address the material, which was the basis for innovation, with the most mojo. Together with guitarist Jani Moder, trumpeter Igor Matković and drummer Žiga Kožar they molded roughly and delicately, funky and meditatively. They connected the fragments of jazz tunes in a sparkful way. With plenty of electric bass they sounded contemporary, strangely dance-like, almost trendy. GOMME DE JOUR @ Dnevnik, 2016

Such a rich list of vocalists hasn’t been assembled in one place in a long time. Finding so many beautiful songs in one place is even harder, songs rich in music and words. What a world Robert carries inside him! ŽENSKE is a geniously thought through project and Jukič, if anyone, is giving back the shine to the slovenian music. ŽENSKE @ Jazzetna, 2015

This album can easily be qualified as a great accomplishment with a head-spinning number of top artists. ŽENSKE @ Novice, 2015

The audacity of such a project is rare in our country. This record is bold and unique, split between the sound and likeability of pop and boldness and improvisational freedom of jazz. ŽENSKE @ Delo, 2015

In times when media supports watching and not listening to music, Jukič’s record coudln’t be further from “sensibilities” of contemporary media, which is one of it’s virutes. Conceptual projects never were a label for sales - Jukič’s body artistic opus bears a different weight. LIFE @ Odzven, 2013

LIFE is a document of Jukič’s spiritual and personal maturity, not only as an artist, but as a personality. LIFE is an absolute step up in maturity of his artistry from his previous work by this fruitful artist who doesn’t seize to thrill and surprise. Robert confirms once again his ability to create in every musical sphere, one could say beyond musical spheres. He controls these spheres in a masterly way with extraordinary aesthetic sense of genre crossover and the result of that is this new and unique jewel of musical artistry. An element of extraordinary surprise that “shocks” the listener in whole. LIFE @ Rockline, 2013

(…) Robert persuades and excites with a clear and very universal musical vision. (...) that is the proof of wideness of his musical horizons and how cleverly he moves in the musical enivronment that he occpies. (...) LIFE is in a great record in all aspects. Bold but also mature and completely succesful.  LIFE @ Pogledi 2013

(...) with pursuance and intense artistic creation and development comes age of maturity, Jukič’s LIFEis definitely announcing that (...) it is an excellent pick of artistic “literature” which opens even the most shut eyes. LIFE @ Naš Čas, 2013

(…) A collision of jazz, classical, operetic and other ambients, all working together as a musical orgainsm. (...) LIFE @ Playboy,2013

The connective chemistry between the bearers of KRAMP is amazing, this is definitely a jewel on the slovenian musical horizon, but also on the world map. A hidden jewel, simple as that. DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE is such a unique record, that’s why the “sequel” of that jewel in a live setting can’t sound any different than unique and unrepeatable. KRAMP is a perfect example of an artist challenging his talent and genius wiothout following trends and presets. A textbook of excellent stage culmitnation of a musical genius and masterly interpretation of his vision! KRAMP @ Rockline, 2012

The CD is a stylistic triumph and comes up spades in its execution! OPERATION CHARLIE @ AllAboutJazz, 2012

After RADIO and JAZZ FOR MASSES, OPERATION CHARLIE is again very conceptual and musicaly creative record. OPERATION CHARLIE @ Pogledi, 2011

OPERATION CHARLIE is an organic mixture of otherwise different influences, but there are plenty of fresh accomplishments which is why Jukič and his band is to be taken seriously and without music-ideological prejudices. OPERATION CHARLIE @ Odzven, 2011

A feast from the excellent mixed native/international line-up! OPERATION CHARLIE @ Radio Študent, 2011

(…) he addressed the matter completely differently and endlessly more creatively. Together with his coworkers they executed the hard task with excellence!, OPERATION CHARLIE @ Večer, 2011

We then heard one of this year’s best performances, even more exciteful because it was presented by a local musician! The credit for this goes undoubtedly to Jukič who has, like Mingus, succeeded to squeeze the sound of a big band out of a quintet, as well as to great musicians.


After many years local musicians together with the italian fox sounded like a whirlwind jazz band with excellent scraping of rich and universal heritage. Jukič stands on the stage wanting to give, carefully direct and encourage his musicians, driving them with his dirty and meaty sound that breaks through. A very nice surprise of the evning. OPERATION CHARLIE @ Dnevnik, 2011

It is perfectly executed and it offers great music and lyrics in abundance. Jukič’s view of the condition of the human spirit is unusually mature and precise and at the same time written in very literal way, which give it an added value. The media would be full of praise, if a record like this was to be released in the USA, and justly so. In our parts such a thing isn’t possible with media focusing on corrupt and immature politicans or on those who think they are stars because they decided so. None of them can be helped. Robert’s record is amazing and will stay amazing even when everything else ends on the junkyard of history. DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE @ Polet, 2011

Suggestive, dramatic and utmost original. DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE @ Radio Študent, 2011

Surprise? A very big one! DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE @ Odzven, 2011

Robert’s double album is a set of great accomplishments! DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE @ Novice, 2011

The project is definitely unique. A mixture of soundtrack-like backgrounds, spoken words and blues/story-stylistical approach is something we didn’t expect from a “jazz” guy. DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE @ Rockline, 2011

They perfectly painted a picture of a land where John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave walk around to music of Ennio Morricone. KRAMP @ Delo, 2011

(Robert is an) artist who is breaking prejudices. DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE @ Glasna, 2011

Robert Jukič is in a forceful creative swing. DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE @ Odzven, 2011

This is the right record for you if you want quality, surprises and swim in different sonic waters than those offered by MSM. DOBROTE IZ SKRINJE ZAROTE @ Stop, 2011

Robert has surprised us with his colors and his energy! JR5+ feat. Miles Griffith concert review @ Infoglasbeni, 2010

The multi-genre becomes a new style through the variety of compositions which gives the record a durability that doesn’t lose it’s power even after many listenings. RADIO @ Concerto, 2010

The bassist and composer shines with his unbelievable stylistic wideness on his double record. JAZZ FOR MASSES @ Concerto, 2010

RADIO is an excellently conceived record which in a very thought-through way shows a cross-section of music without time or style restrictions. The attentive listener is sucked into listening again and again discovering it’s curiosities. Jukič succeeds in creating a strong concept and also a specific identity, which promises more in the light of further development. RADIO @ Radio Študent, 2010


Born and raised in Slovenia, Robert started out as a teenager playing acoustic guitar, switching to electric bass and later to double bass. He got his master degree in double bass at the jazz department of the University for music in Graz.

Robert has been performiNg live and recording since his high school days. He has a wide variety of musical interests, that’s why he is called for playing by many artists across different genres.

In his projects he contInues to open new doors to find fresh inspirations.

Robert plays with and writes music for small and large ensembles (JAZZON COMPOSTIONAL AWARD 2008), theater, dance productions, interdisciplinary artists...



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“An artist who is breaking prejudices.” GLASNA

“Robert Jukič is in a forceful creative swing.” ODZVEN

“The quartet proved itself as a tight unit with an excitingly solid and playful rhythm section and multilayered solistic parts.“ Primorski vAL

“They’ve been together for four years and have clearly developed a strong rapport... with Robert’s nine originals giving them plenty of space to take chances and spread their wings.” JAZZTODAY

“Jukič was the one to address the material, which was the basis for innovation, with the most mojo.” DNEVNIK

“The CD is a stylistic triumph and comes up spades in its execution.” ALLABOUTJAZZ

“Life must be lived, and Robert’s "LIFE" must be heard.” CONCERTO

“Suggestive, dramatic and utmost original!” RADIO STUDENT

“Surprise? A very big one!” ODZVEN

“Some of the most wonderful music i’ve heard in a long time!” bandcamp